Wendy Stead

Wendy Stead - Founder of Enchanted Interiors

OK the honest truth… I am my ideal customer. My business speaks volumes about me and the things I love!

As a person I am inspired by many beautiful and original designs and so there was nothing more fulfilling than when I was able to develop this inspiration further when my two baby girls came along.

So what do I mean by “I am my own ideal customer”?

Well my business came about because I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for when it came to decorating both my girl’s bedrooms. I had a 3 year old whom I needed to move out of the nursery to allow room for the arrival of her baby sister, I was no good at DIY, my hubby had limited time to step in and help out (plus DIY isn't exactly his forte either!) and although I knew what I was looking for there was limited choice which lacked the quality in the final look I desired.

How was I going to create an inspirational and engaging environment for my children requiring minimal time and DIY skills?

Well I started to address these challenges in January 2012. I set out to find ways of decorating my girl’s rooms which required a basic foundation of painted walls (the extent of my DIY) and didn’t involve wall paper, borders or paper paste. Don’t get me wrong there is an abundance of gorgeous wallpaper designs available however for me I just wouldn’t know where to start, I knew it would be time consuming and unless I was prepared to spend time to strip it and redecorate once they had grown out of it there was the threat that my children were going to be stuck with the same décor until the day they moved out!

So what was a woman with all this passion for achieving the perfect look to do?

Well the solution was narrowed down to wall stickers - quick, convenient and required NO DIY…

Eeek, wall stickers I hear you say! And yes you are right, as popular as they are the majority of wall stickers on the market today give you that exact “eeek” experience. But no, I didn’t rule this idea out, the concept was there but the look, feel and quality was not.

So that’s easy - create a product that delivered just that!


Hot Air Balloons & Jets Nursery Wall StickersThe Next Stage

Design Concepts: Putting pen to paper I started to throw some design ideas around. My designs needed to be cute, adorable, engaging, popular, but emerging. They had to be big, no actually I wanted them to be GIANT themes; themes that would create an inspirational setting in the nursery, bedroom or playroom.

Equipment: Once I was satisfied with the designs I them moved on to the scary part which meant investing a lot of money in my business idea. So supported with confidence in my ideas I went out and bought a mighty big printer. Yes, we had to move house to accommodate this printer so you could say that the expense did not end there! Not to mention the steep learning curve in using Illustrator and Photoshop which followed shortly after…

Materials: And finally I had to address the all-important look and feel that would make my wall art stickers stand out from the rest. Not only was the design important to me but the quality and safety of the material used. The majority of wall stickers available on the market today are made from a vinyl (plastic) material, many of which contain unsafe toxins, tear easily during application, reflects the light, fades and falls off in a short space of time and ultimately does not accomplish a very luxurious appearance. Although these wall stickers tend to be cheap and very easy to produce it was not a market I wanted to compete in, simply because it is not the look I aspire to. So this left me with sourcing an exclusive type of material. The material I use is a self-adhesive fabric which is thin and gives off a matt finish and most importantly was safe around my children. The material is removable and repositionable leaving no residue on the surface. Once I have printed the designs I go as far as weeding them (removing the excess material) leaving just the wall sticker for you to peel off the backing and simply apply to the wall.

Complementing Accessories

As the business has grown, I have also introduced more accessories which compliment my nursery wall stickers designs.  You will find matching height charts, lamp shades and wall prints, all of which are designed and printing inhouse too.

The End Result

Enchanted Interiors was established in April 2012 by myself. Based out of Dorset.  Not compromising on quality my exclusive designs require minimal time, effort or artistic flair and will achieve the ultimate desired look in transforming a nursery, bedroom or playroom.

My Vision

This is just the mere beginning for Enchanted Interiors. I am pleased to say that the business has grown from strength to strength in such a short period of time (phew).

I strive to always be the best in providing quality exclusive nursery wall decals and accessories which are engaging and inspirational to children during the all-important early years of their lives. My answer to radically transforming a child’s room is to be simple, require minimal time or effort and to always deliver outstanding results. 

So there we have it… All about me and my biz in a nutshell!

Thanks for reading

Wendy Stead x