Wendy Stead

A message from the Founder Wendy Stead

Planning the nursery is one of the most exciting and memorable parts of bringing your baby into this world.  You now get to create a space which will be the most loved room in your home; a comfortable space which is fun and inspiring, a place where you can feed and change your baby, play and stimulate them or whisper sweet nothings as they drift off into slumberland.

Of course creating a magical space for your little one doesn’t need to be stressful and time consuming.  Have fun choosing and bringing your ideas together. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colour palettes and styles.  Be inspired by the many designs which can be found on our Facebook and Pinterest pages and make use of the Enchanted Interiors colour customisation service to play around with your colours and ideas whether they are gentle and cosy, soothing or rich, nurturing and earth inspiring.

From a parent who has been there twice I totally get that you want to enjoy this experience.  Well you will be pleased to know that not only will our designs fulfil your desire for a stylish look, they also make it extremely easy to create an amazing look and feel to your baby’s nursery within hours.

Myself and my team strive to always be the best in providing quality exclusive nursery wall decals and accessories which are engaging and inspirational to your children during the all-important early years of their lives. My answer to radically transforming a child’s room is to be simple, require minimal time or effort and to always deliver outstanding results.


Wendy x