Motor Vehicle Wall Stickers for Baby Boys Nursery


Diggers and Motor Vehicles

Fabric Nursery Wall Stickers Design

A colourful set of smiley faced cars, lorries, tractors and diggers for a baby boy's nursery room. 

No stress, no mess, simply peel and stick to create a magical space with hours.

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Included in this design are 38 self-adhesive extremely high quality fabric nursery wall stickers for applying to any smooth surface. Our stickers can be repositioned and removed leaving no residue on the surface.

WHAT'S Included and Sizes:

Qty Element Width cm Height cm
1 Tunnel 35 15
1 Road 27 54
1 Tractor 24 18
1 Blue Car 21 12
1 Bus 32 29
1 Lorry 36 21
3 Aeroplanes
1 Excavator 14 8
1 Cement Mixer 11 9
1 Roller 9 7
1 Digger 13 9
1 Barrier Sign
2 Dirt Piles
2 Trees
8 Traffic Cones
12 Stars

CUSTOM Colours:

For more information on customising the colours of this design please click here: CUSTOM COLOURS

SAMPLE Designs:

All of our large designs are available as a small sample. You will receive a miniature sample of the design which is printed on the actual self adhesive fabric material we use enabling you to feel and see the quality with your own eyes. Also included are square colour swatches of all the colours in the design so you can compare them to background colours of your painted walls and any colours you have already in your nursery. Click here for more information

ABOUT OUR Nursery Wall Stickers:

All of our Nursery Wall Stickers are in separate pieces enabling you to arrange them however you like in your nursery. We print using a premium self adhesive polyester fabric material which is extremely thin, tear and wrinkle resistant. The tackiness of the adhesive is enough enabling you to remove and reposition as many times as you like leaving no residue or damage to the surface.


These nursery wall stickers are made to order in the UK

Copyright: Enchanted Interiors


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