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We love to see your nursery rooms transform and would like to share these transformations with our customers


Send us a movie of you and/or your partner applying our nursery wall art decals taking us step by step through your experience of creating a magical space for your baby.  If we feature it on our website or social media platforms we will refund your order in full...


What We Are Looking For...

The movie should feature the application of the Echanted Interiors Premium Self Adhesive Fabric Nursery Wall Decals demonstrating how easy they are to apply and the final look and feel they give to a nursery room to inspire other parents to create something just as special.

How to submit a movie

We Transfer


Please click on the image above

Once you have clicked on the image above you will be sent to "".  This is a free service enabling you to submit a large video file to Enchanted Interiors. To guarantee compatabily the file format submitted should either be an .mp4 or MOV, maximum size 2GB. 


To upload your image:

1. Select and add your file

2. Enter the email to:

3. Enter Your email address 

4. Enter a breif Message:  please enter your order number or order address in here so we can locate your order and any further feedback with regards to our wall decals

5.  Click Transfer to send your video


What happens next: We will view your video and inform you if it has been successfully selected to be used on either our website or social media marketing.  



On submission you are agreeing for Enchanted Interiors to have unlimited use of your video's

Video's will only be used on the Enchanted Interiors Website, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube

Video's may be used on other 3rd party selling platforms

No personal details will be released with any video's

Some video's may be edited to suit appropriate marketing initiatives

All refunds are given prior to use in our marketing initiatives

Refunds are paid via the original form of payment used to place your order

Allow 3-5 days for your refund to be transferred